4 important signs you need for your business during COVID-19

Jack Rabbit Signs COVID Signage

With COVID-19 continuing to affect life across the country, many businesses and restaurants will likely need to adjust their signage or add new signage in order to keep customers and employees safe. Here are four important signs that can help your business during COVID-19, provided by Jack Rabbit Signs.

With each passing month, more businesses and restaurants are reopening to the public and welcoming back employees. In order to make sure your business is opening as safely as possible, you’ll likely need to adjust your signage or add new signage to your building.

From changes to your dining services to health and safety notices, here are the important signs you should include at your business during COVID-19. If you have any questions or are ready to get started on making your Triangle-area business safer, give the Jack Rabbit Signs team a call.

Dining changes

Each state and county has different regulations regarding dining. Some allow indoor dining with limited seating, others allow outdoor dining only, and some are only open for takeout. Signs may be needed to post on tables that have been closed to keep distance, or designate safe eating zones or outdoor dining sections.

If your restaurant is open for takeout or delivery, you may want to consider an outdoor A-frame sign. This sign can be posted in front of your restaurant or on a highly trafficked corner in order to clearly communicate your dining changes and increase visibility.

Pick-up parking spots

In order to accommodate customers who want to avoid interaction or might be high-risk, many businesses and restaurants have designated special parking spots for pick-up only. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can help you create designated pick-up spot signage. With materials like aluminum, PVC, and corrugated plastic, we can help match you with a durable sign that fits your budget.

Floor decals

For businesses that are open to the public and employees, floor decals can help ensure proper distancing. In checkout lines, decals can be placed six feet away from each other to help reduce crowding. For aisles, floor decals can be used to control one-way traffic, using arrows to indicate which way customers and employees should walk down an aisle.

Health & safety signs

It’s likely that your county or state mandates masks. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can help you create clear signage for your doors and windows indicating that signs are required for entry into your business. Additionally, other signage — like the symptoms to look out for and best practices while walking around — can serve as other helpful reminders for customers and employees.

Some businesses also choose to have designated hand sanitizer spaces. Clear signage at entrances, exits, and throughout your business can help customers and employees easily find sanitizing stations.

Prepare your business signage during COVID-19

If you’re opening your business and wondering how to increase safety in the midst of COVID-19, the Jack Rabbit Signs team can help. Give us a call today at 919-571-1185 if you have any questions or are ready to get started!