Creative Wedding Sign Ideas

welcome sign with flowers

On your wedding day, you want everything to be special — everything including the signs directing your guests from place to place. Raleigh Durham area couples preparing for their big day have a thousand other details to think about though. Let Jack Rabbit Signs’ design team provide some creative sign ideas for you. We can then make them for you too!

Road signs

Maybe road signs don’t initially feel all that romantic, but there are some creative ways to use them.
Parking signs, for example, “Bride family parking only.”
Detour signs to show guests proper routes
Funny use of “Warning” signs

Fluorescent signs

Businesses use fluorescent signs to grab attention. These can be good at a wedding that has a later reception so they can be seen at night or just to make sure everyone receives an important message.

Real estate signs

A real estate sign has a number of advantages for a wedding. The post can be stuck in the ground anywhere you need, and the signs hanging on the chains can easily be switched out as necessary.

Old mile marker signs

Have you ever seen an old movie or picture where there are some arrow-shaped signs nailed to a tall post, each pointing a different direction? These small arrow signs would typically have the name of a city on them and the number of miles away. Using one of these to point to different places the guests will need to know about (bathroom, parking, drinks, etc..) can look quaint and classy.

Have a child or pet hold the sign

Kids and pets are always a crowd-pleaser. Now, you have to be careful about how you do this because you don’t want the child standing there too long or the dog to wander off, but when done right, this can be a winner.

Contact Jack Rabbit Signs for more great wedding sign ideas!

Every wedding is as unique as the bride and groom. A good creative professional, whether graphic designer or cake maker, will make their masterpiece with those specific people in mind. We would love to hear more about you and about what makes you unique. This will help our design professionals customize signs that will be perfect for you.

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