7 of Our Favorite Business Card Design Trends — and How to Improve Your Own

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Business cards are ideal for sharing contact information with other professionals or potential clients, but bland cards tend to get lost in the noise. If you want to stand out and stay on the mind of your customers, then customize your cards with one of these six design trends. Once you’re ready to execute your vision, give the team at Jack Rabbit Signs a call.

The calling cards of the professional world — business cards — do so much more than simply share your information. When designed right, business cards can speak to your personal expertise, keep potential customers interested, and show off what it is that your company does best.

Knowing the latest business card trends can help you and your company stay fresh, relevant, and ahead of the curve — check out a few of our favorite design cues and give the team at Jack Rabbit Signs a call when you’re ready to create your next business card.

1. Minmalistic designs

Many of the most successful companies in the world, like Apple, Google, and Tesla, all use simple color schemes to drive their brand design, and this minimalistic approach creates an image that’s sleek, modern, and uncomplicated. In designing your business cards, try to think of two or three main colors that you’d like to use, as well as a matching typeface. No need to get flashy — a bold black and white never goes out of style.

2. Interactive designs

A recent trend in the business card world, some companies use their cards to advertise their services by providing a useful design. From bottle openers to stencils to rulers to cheese graters — there’s no limit to what sort of practical uses you can get from a well-thought out interactive design. Try to think of a use that corresponds to your business, and we can help you execute your vision and stay on the minds of everyone you share your card with.

3. Eye-catching color combos

While black and white never goes out of style, there is still something to be said about the enticing pop of bright colors. If minimalism doesn’t fit your company’s brand, then consider setting a few neon colors against a dark background to really make your design stand out.

4. Expressive typography

Colors are crucial when designing your business card, but don’t underestimate the appeal that can come from how the words are displayed. Big and bold typography that puts your name and brand at the center of the business card design shows confidence that won’t soon be forgotten.

5. Unique shapes

The traditionally rectangle business card gets the job done, but plenty of businesses are taking a more creative approach to their card design: I.T. companies with cards in the shape of computers, greenhouses in the shape of flowers, delivery services in the shape of vehicles — even designing your card in the shape of your business’ logo can set you apart from the noise. More and more, we’re seeing companies get points for their business cards’ creativity via unique shapes.

6. Varying textures

If you want to make your business card stand out from others in a stack, then consider switching up its texture. From cork board material to singed edges to raised and etched logos, there are plenty of options that set your card apart from the stock material. Since the texture becomes a focal point of the design, it’s best to keep the text and logo as simplistic as possible in order to prevent your card from getting too busy.

7. A double-sided card

When used strategically, the back side of your business card can be just as important in attracting and maintaining customers and clients as the front. After all, since business cards offer a limited amount of space, why not use all of the real estate available to you? In addition to the name and contact information on the front of your card, consider making the back more enticing by including a coupon for discounted services, a more detailed description of your company, or perhaps even a photo of your team.

Improve your business card design with Jack Rabbit Signs

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