8 Questions to Ask before You Finalize Your Sign

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog October

Making the investment to create a new sign for your business? In order to ensure that the final product is the best it can be, ask yourself these eight key questions.

So you’ve almost finished up your sign design — congratulations! Before you move on to the printing stage, however, you should double-check that everything is exactly the way it should be. After all, you’ve already poured time and money into this project — shouldn’t it look exactly how you want it to?

Here are eight questions to ask yourself before you finalize your new sign.

1. Does the sign accomplish the intended purpose?

Before you entered the design process, you likely had an idea in mind as to the purpose of the sign. Will it be a wall stencil to add some branded decor to your office? An outdoor sign to attract potential customers driving by? Make sure your purpose didn’t get lost anywhere in the design process, and the sign can still accomplish what you set out to do.

2. Is my branding consistent with the rest of my company?

By creating this sign, you’re adding another piece of branding to your company’s portfolio. In doing so, you should make sure that the design elements are consistent with branding material you’ve already created. After all, you wouldn’t want to add a sign with a new logo to the outside of your business that uses the old logo — that may end up confusing customers and making your company seem outdated or disorganized.

3. Is this the correct format for my sign?

Jack Rabbit Signs offerings come in a variety of formats, from banners to business cards. Is the format you’ve chosen the absolute best option for your business and budget? Keep in mind, each type of sign has its own strengths. If you have any questions on what medium is best for your needs, just let us know, and we’d be happy to run through our options with you.

4. Will this sign last as long as I need it to?

Similarly, some types of signs last longer than others, depending on the material they’re made out of. For example, an A-frame sign may not be able to last through much adverse weather, but an aluminum sign will likely hold up for years to come. How long will you be using this sign for, and in what conditions?

5. Will the design last for years, or will it become outdated quickly?

Sometimes, businesses need a rebranding to freshen up their image. Will the sign you’re making last long enough for you to get a sizable return on your investment, or will it be outdated just months after printing? If you haven’t updated your brand in a while, now might be a good time to revisit things like your logo, font, and color scheme to make sure you’ll still be confident about your look a few years down the line.

6. Can I install the sign myself?

Some signs can be easily attached to a wall or staked into the ground, but larger signs can have a more intensive installation process. Before you finalize your design, make sure you have the means to display your sign once it’s printed so you can hit the ground running.

7. Will this succeed in attracting customers?

Whether directly or indirectly, one major goal of your sign will be to attract new business. Does the sign you’ve designed represent your brand well? Is the information all accurate? Will it stand out and catch the eyes of passersby? Take a critical final look at your new sign and try to put yourself in the shoes of a customer: would you put your trust in the business that created this sign?

8. Am I happy with the final product?

At the end of the day, your sign should be pleasing to customers, but most importantly, it should look exactly how you want it to. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can work alongside you to craft the perfect new sign for your business, from choosing the material and nailing down a color scheme to choosing what print to include.

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