Aluminum, PVC, Plastic, Oh My: Pros and Cons of Varying Sign Materials

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Not all sign materials are created equal, varying in durability, affordability, and visibility. Before you purchase your next sign take some time to understand the differences between each material offered by the team at Jack Rabbit Signs.

When choosing a sign, factors like design, size, and price are likely your top concerns — and the material it’s made out of may not even play a part in your thought process. In reality, choosing the right material for a sign sets the groundwork for a successful design and it’s important to consider where your sign will be located, how sturdy it needs to be, and how long you’d like for it to last.

Take a look at some of the most popular sign materials offered by Jack Rabbit Signs and let us know if you have any questions about which materials would work best for your goals.

Corrugated plastic

Looks can be deceiving — and while aluminum may be slightly stronger than corrugated plastic, the latter material is surprisingly durable for how thin and lightweight it is. Made out of several layers of plastic and sandwiched together to create the look of cardboard, corrugated plastic signs are easy to install, customizable on both sides, and incredibly versatile. Since these signs are both lightweight and affordable, they’re perfect for short-time use both inside and outside. Consider a corrugated plastic sign for things like events, promotional deals, or short-term notices.


Most individuals probably already use PVC in some area of their home — namely, their pipes. PVC signs are made out of the same material as these pipes, but are instead fashioned into a lightweight, foam-like board. Since the material is easier to manipulate, it can be made as thick or thin as needed, and most PVC signs are scratch-resistant — making them ideal for outdoor use, even over a long period of time.

Aluminum composite material

Aluminum composite materials signs are made of a mixture of materials, typically with a thermoplastic core compressed between two sheets of aluminum. Since they’re rigid, flat, and lightweight, they are incredibly simple to install. These signs are less likely to warp over time compared to their pure aluminum counterparts. With high durability, low cost, and a sharp appearance, these signs are perfect for a variety of purposes, whether indoor or outdoor, including storefront advertisements, hanging banners, or road signs.


Polystyrene signs are durable and flexible, making them an ideal choice for indoor signage like menus and decor, as well as notices of hours or other important information that needs to be displayed permanently. A bit stiffer than its PVC counterpart, polystyrene can be easily transported, but has the longest lifespan when used indoors.

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