Why Branding and Signs Can Help Your Raleigh Business

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If you walk around any outdoor shopping or downtown area you’ll notice one thing, signs. They come in all shapes and sizes, some blink, some have loud colors, but almost all of them serve their purpose. That purpose, is alerting the customer or citizen of the message that business or person wants to convey. Be it political, commerce, awareness or more, signs are a huge part of how people learn about things, they are a huge part of how shops advertise to new and returning customers, but do they really work? The growth of sign businesses around the country and the rising local businesses around metropolitan areas point to yes. But how do they really help your business? We’ll outline some of those reasons below.


You’ve probably heard this a million times, but with signs you get a competitive advantage in location and placement. Do you have a business that’s on a major walkway through downtown? With signs you can lead potential customers on a journey to your door. Location is key for most businesses, but with signs a bad location can be saved by a strategically placed sign in a better location.


Part of growing your business is establishing your brand, with signs you can do this. If your brand or business runs of a well known messaging platform you can put that messaging on a sign and establish brand loyalty around town and in bigger markets. From your logo to your tagline and more, you can put whatever on a sign and as long as it’s placed in the right area in front of the right people, the only thing it will do is build your brand through exposure.


If your town of business is hosting a big event a great way to get people in the door is with signage. The popular SXSW festival brings records amounts of foot traffic through Austin, TX and businesses capitalize on this by placing signs in front of their businesses with discounts for festival goers. This is just one strategy of many on how you can benefit from sign usage during events in your area.


While it may be controversial, using signs to take a knock at the competition is a practice as old as business. Whether it’s through billboards or something smaller, a sign is a great way to get into a professional “sign war” with your business. Not only will this help you establish your brand, but it can also help you differentiate yourself amongst competitors while potentially stirring up healthy PR as well. All this can come from a sign.


It’s a truth of the industry that we’ve entered the digital age, but that doesn’t mean signs are on the way out. In fact, with the growth of online advertising signs have become an amazing supplement to make the online/offline connection with customers. If a customer sees an ad online but isn’t sure of where to find your store or perhaps forgot about the ad, they can be reminded and redirected by a sign. A good sign can be the perfect complement to a strong digital advertising platform.

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