Why your business needs traffic signs on access roads and parking lots

speed limit sign

Driving on streets and highways here in the Raleigh-Durham area can leave many scratching their heads, but the rules of driving on privately-owned parking lots and access roads are often even more confusing and chaotic.  

If there are no signs in front of a store, who should yield to whom? Is a business owner obligated to put up traffic signs to protect their customers?

Why business owners should invest in traffic signs for traffic areas

In North Carolina law (20-4.01(32)(a)), it states that a “public vehicular area” is:

Any service station, drive-in theater, supermarket, store, restaurant, or office building, or any other business, residential, or municipal establishment providing parking space whether the business or establishment is open or closed.

So this means if you operate any business that invites people to drive on your property, it becomes the owner of this property’s responsibility to make sure those on their property are safe and that traffic is moving smoothly.

Police can enforce traffic laws on private property if they are disobeyed, but they do not devote the same resources to monitoring them though. Without police around, it’s important to have clear signs that make your property safe and orderly. Jack Rabbit Signs recommends considering the following signs to help create a safe environment on your business’ property.

Signs that help maintain safety on your property

Stop signs – Whenever there is an intersection of paths in a parking lot it is wise to erect a stop sign to prevent accidents.

Speed limit signs – People often don’t know how fast they’re driving until they see a speed limit sign. This reminds them to check their speed and to follow the speed you designate.

Handicap parking space signs – Federal Law requires a certain number of handicap spaces per total spaces. For lots of 25 spaces and under, this is only one space, but you should make sure to get this number right to avoid fines.

Other signs to consider – These signs include entrance and exit signs, no parking signs, fire lane signs, pedestrian crossing signs and many more.

Jack Rabbit Signs can provide signs and advice

Business owners in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Chapel Hill and the surrounding greater Triangle region know how crazy traffic is becoming. People are moving into the area from all over and bring with them different attitudes on driving. You want your property to remain safe for your customers, and proper traffic signs are vital to this.

Contact Jack Rabbit Signs today to discuss which signs your property might need, and we’ll be happy to help. You can reach us at 919-571-1185.