How Car Logos & Wraps Advertising Can Earn ROI Growth

car wrap logo raleigh design signage

As a business owner in the Raleigh Durham area, you’re always trying to think of the best way to get the word out about your business. So many of the traditional methods are quickly getting phased out and new advertising and marketing strategies are popping up every day. One you may not have considered is to get the logo of your company wrapped on your car.

Wrapping a vehicle in a company logo isn’t exactly new, but there are some new ways this old practice is being used. Usually, a company would wrap their vehicles so they are identifiable while they are out delivering goods or performing services. In order to make the UPS guy or plumber identifiable to the customer, they would generally wrap their vehicle. But what about wrapping your personal vehicles, as well? Or wrapping company cars that may not need to be readily identifiable?

This is a surprisingly good place for advertising. Think about it; you want to reach people in the area you serve and you would have a moving billboard all over your service area. Companies are starting to recognize the opportunity and are actually paying everyday people to put their logos on their personal cars. A typical rate companies pay per month is around $100 for them to just drive their normal routes to work, home and play.

So, if businesses are willing to pay a hundred bucks a month, that means their profit from each wrapped car must be more than that per month. For you to wrap your own personal cars would be much better, too, because you wouldn’t even have to pay some kid the $100. That, plus the extra profit would all come directly to you. The only cost would be the initial wrapping cost, which is very affordable.

As you go about your day-to-day life, people will begin associating you with your business and a level of trust will develop. The other cars in the school pick-up line will think of you as a father. People at your church or hobby will see it and associate you as a fellow …(fill in the religion or hobby). It will also be a great conversation starter with strangers who will walk away knowing the company name and the owner. Guess who they’ll call next time they need that good or service?

Some people feel like it would be gaudy or tacky or that they want their off time to be their off time, but that’s not the experience of business owners who wrap their car. Mostly people just look at them with respect because a business owner is an independent, successful person who works hard and is able to support themselves and their family. If anything, driving a car with your company logo on it only increases others’ respect for you. Give it a thought and if you have some room in your marketing budget, call us and we can help you get started.

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