Is Car Wrapping A Good Use of Your Budget?

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There are as many ways to advertise as there are surfaces to slap a label on. Sometimes there are even multiple ways to advertise on the same space. On a car, many people will fully wrap their car with vinyl graphics, putting their logo, company name, website, phone number, and some graphic design elements to tie it all together.

Other people will attempt something similar, but will only wrap parts of their car. Still others will just use vinyl lettering in one location. If you are considering using your company vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, as moving billboards, you likely have many questions. Read on to find the pros and cons to all these, as well as how well mobile advertising performs as a whole.

Mobile vehicle advertising

Mobile vehicle advertising is a particularly good way of connecting to a local area you operate in. If you drive around in a work truck locally, estimates are that 30,000 to 80,000 impressions will be made… per DAY. That depends a lot on how big of a city you drive in and how long you are out, but that is very, very little cost per impression. It adds up to four cents per thousand versus $3.56 per thousand for outdoor signs and almost $20 per thousand for newspaper ads!

So, is putting your logo and business contact information on your vehicles a good use of marketing money? Yes. It’s considered the best outdoor marketing bang for the buck. But which of the options mentioned at the beginning should you choose? Here are some elements to consider for each.

Full Wrapping

  • If the paint below is old or chipped, this option fully masks whatever was underneath.
  • If your company’s fleet has vehicles of various colors, it’s a great way to immediately gain uniformity.
  • A fully wrapped car is more eye-grabbing. It’s the difference between a small ad in the newspaper and a larger one. The more surface area you use, the more attention you get.
  • Cost can be a factor as a full wrap can be thousands of dollars

Half Wrapping

  • A half wrap has the advantage of being slightly more economical than a full wrap.
  • If you have a simple, minimalist approach (think Apple’s simple white background), the half wrap may work better design-wise. You can use the negative space of your original paint and only cover some areas.
  • Does not last as long as vinyl lettering. Wraps can last around five years and vinyl between six and ten years.

Vinyl Lettering

  • Some of the same beautiful design techniques can be achieved with vinyl on a much friendlier budget.
  • Vinyl lettering can quickly and easily transform a window or two without having to completely make-over your vehicle.
  • Does not cover as much space as wraps do.

With technology advancing, all of these are getting much easier and the barrier to entry for new installers is coming down. That means a lot of people are jumping in thinking they can make a buck or two. Be careful with some of these great “deals.” Make sure you find someone who has experience designing and installing quality vinyl wraps and lettering before you let them change the look of your vehicle.

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