Custom Sign Solutions for Your Small Business

Small businesses often don’t get the credit they deserve due to the overpowering presence of well known, nationally recognized brands. If you want to get your small business more acknowledgement, then there are multiple steps that you can take to expand your brand. One of these steps towards publicity is to drive in foot traffic, and what better way to do this than to have a unique, custom sign that will turn heads as people pass by. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we know a thing or two about signs, so check out these tips on how a personalized sign tailored specifically for your small business can take you to the top of the competition.

Visibility is Key

Your custom sign isn’t going to thrive if it isn’t placed in an appropriate area. When thinking about where to place your sign, you are going to want to make sure that it gets situated in a region that allows for it to be the center of attention. This means that there are multiple factors that you need to consider when having your sign created. The physical factors of the sign include the dimensions of the sign, aka, how tall, wide, and lengthy do you want your sign to be? If your environment around you provides you with a lot of space, then you have more leeway to create a sign that is flexible in any direction, however, if you are limited in space either vertically or horizontally, then your sign may look better stretched side to side or from top to bottom. You are also going to have to decide if you want your sign to be low to the ground, or higher in the air. This decision relies on the surrounding environment and landscape where your business is located. City Ordinances and local laws can also play a factor.

Speaking of visibility, it is essential to make sure that your sign is visible from the road. This means that it should be easy to view coming from either direction on the road and should not be hidden behind trees or other business signs. It is also essential to adhere to any laws that limit where you can place your signs.  Keep it Simple – who you are, what you do, how to contact you. Make sure that you get that call or web inquiry and sell your business form there. Too much information on a sign can get lost.


Your business has a name, so shine it loud and proud on your sign. When putting letters on your sign, it’s necessary that you have a legible and appropriate font that doesn’t negatively contrast with your colors. If someone is driving by your business, there is a solid chance they won’t give it more than 2-3 seconds of attention, which is why you need to state your business clearly and conspicuously. For instance, if you own an auto shop, you would likely benefit from putting the words “auto shop” under your name, so customers know what you do. Regardless of the business you operate, the takeaway from this section is to have comprehendible, relevant, and decipherable letters on your sign.


Color is an essential factor to any sign, and has many proven benefits when used correctly. The best way to get your sign noticed is to have attractive colors that don’t clash with the location around it. You also want to make sure that if there are surrounding businesses, that your sign stands out from theirs as well, which means that if all of the businesses around you have a black and white sign, you’re going to want to be more colorful to draw attention. It is important to note that flashy doesn’t always mean better. You don’t want to have a tacky sign that negatively stands out from those in the surrounding area. Remember to be bright and bold within reason.

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