Cut Vinyl Graphics – What You Need to Know

Custom cut vinyl graphics are a wonderful way to showcase your business’s logo in an affordable and clean way. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we have a state-of-the-art plotter machine on site that allows us to create graphics custom tailored to your business. With our plotter we can create letters, logos, shapes, and other designs in standard vinyl colors. When people pass a vinyl sign, they may not realize how much goes into producing these vinyl graphics. Here’s how we design, create, and manage these custom-made visuals.


The temperature of the environment in which you’ll be placing your custom decal plays a serious role in the durability of your graphic. The vinyl lettering is plastic, which means that if it gets too hot it will stretch and become useless, and if it becomes too cold it can begin to crack and tear. Once these decals are placed, the temperature isn’t going to affect them nearly as bad. However, when placing the graphics on your destined surface, the ideal temperature is typically anywhere between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This controlled environment allows the decal to last longer and look more appealing.

Application Methods

When it comes to installing your vinyl graphic, there are two approaches that you can take: a wet application method or a dry application method.

The wet application method involves repositioning the graphic upon installation and reduces bubbles in wrinkles. For those interested in this installation method, the required tools include a spray bottle filled with mostly water, along with a little pinch of dish soap and a scraper. By spraying the vinyl decal with soapy water on its adhesive side you are guaranteeing a smooth finish with no bubbles or creases. It is incredibly important to note that if you are going to create a homemade wetting solution that you do not use hand soaps that have extra additives such as perfumes or lotions. It is best to stick to dish soap such as Dawn when making an at-home solution. The wet application method also allows for more flexibility when positioning a decal, which can be a lifesaver if you don’t have steady hands.

The dry application method is a quicker method that immediately guarantees adhesion between your surface and the decal. This method is trickier than the wet application method, as it does not allow for any errors or repositioning. If you make contact with the decal and your desired surface before you have the graphic aligned properly, there is a solid chance that the decal can become deformed or that it could tear paint off of the surface you are placing it on. While the dry application method may sound like a full risk no reward technique, we assure you that it is quicker, less expensive, and less time consuming. We recommend the wet application method for beginners and the dry application method for well practiced individuals.

Rely on Jack Rabbit Signs for Cut Vinyl Graphics

Cracks, moldings, crevices, rivets and emblems can be problematic when installing vinyl decals. Jack Rabbit Sign’s professionals are well trained at installing and creating custom cut vinyl decals and can assist you by guiding you through the design and application process to make the most of your usable space. For more information about our vinyl decal services, you can reach us at 919-571-1185 or you can visit us today at 6025 Glenwood Ave.