Different Materials For Our Signs

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Signs designed for your business or organization need to be as versatile and fully representative of your mission as possible. Since every business has a different pulse or vision, Jack Rabbit Sign shop in Raleigh offers a wide variety of sign material options, as well as experts ready to help business owners design the perfect sign, image, or logo.

Need a sign that can remind your warehouse workers that safety glasses are required beyond this point? Or an exterior sign that can stand up to the wide range of North Carolina weather, from searing hot summer days and, “Wait, it was 75 degrees yesterday how is it 40 outside today?” Aluminum signs will not rust and the material works well with many different inks or resins. If you’re looking for versatility with cost-effective staying power, aluminum is a great choice.

Corrugated Plastic
One of the most economical material choices, corrugated plastic signs offer sharp images and designs at very low cost. These signs are great for yard sales, neighborhood marketing – say you own a lawn service and want to place your sign in the yard of your customers – or other fast-paced businesses.

A great material choice for permanent/long-term indoor signs, PVC offers great durability at a moderate weight. This allows easy installation or relocation of the sign while also ensuring it can endure the responsibility of informing and guiding your customers or employees for many years. Since PVC signs come with a matte finish, fingerprints are barely visible, and the signs are able to present bright eye-catching visuals without creating a glare.

Aluminum Composite Metal (ACM)
ACM signs are durable and lightweight, and they can be single or dual sided. These signs are often composed of two aluminum sheets outside of a thermoplastic core. The core is moisture resistant, and the flat surface of the aluminum allows for direct printing or application of paint. This material is typically hung directly on the wall in commercial or industrial areas.

Plywood signs are often a natural invitation into a business or restaurant. The homey feel of a hand-painted wooden sign can often strike just the right chord in helping, say, a downtown coffee shop stand out among other downtown coffee shops. One thing to keep in mind about plywood signs is that they are lightweight and exposed to the elements – you may wish to take a few extras into account when you place an order.

If you’re looking for an informative blend of sophistication and style, acrylic signs might be right for your business. Made of a highly versatile plastic, these signs can be illuminated and are often used for trade show or point-of-purchase. The material can also be heated and manipulated, used to shape things like brochure holders, office nameplates, and menu boards.

Polystyrene is a durable and pliable, PVC based acrylic. This material offers the blend of a razor sharp design on a dent-resistant material that’s capable of following contours in the display.

If you have a sign you’d like created, or if you just have some questions, you can find Jack Rabbit Signs in the Oak Park Shopping Center at 6025B Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27612. They can be reached by phone at 919-571-1185, or you can contact them online via email or through their “Get A Quote” portal.