Digital Printing Do’s and Don’ts

The world of digital printing benefits a diverse field of disciplines. With the ability to produce signs, banners, promotional products, art, business cards, and more, the variety of people utilizing digital printing is expansive. With so many companies in numerous industries using digital printing, it begs the question of how to effectively use digital printing services. Different methods will benefit different people; however, there are some universal principals that everyone can apply when considering digital printing for their business or endeavor.

Digital Printing Do’s

–         Do: Utilize Color

Color catches the eye, so don’t be afraid to go big with color. There are two color techniques that you can use in digital printing: RGB and CMYK.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) is the most used color pallet when digital printing due to its guaranteed success; however, RGB can print 30% more color options. RGB is recommended if you want to be bold, but the color you desire isn’t 100% guaranteed. This is no problem at Jack Rabbit Signs, as we can print out sample swatches for you to ensure you get the color you desire.

–         Do: Evaluate Your Sign’s Purpose

It is important to evaluate the audience and purpose of your sign if you want full effectiveness. This means consulting about color, font, size, material, and more.

Analyze the effect that your sign will have on those who see it. Is the sign meant to be informative or is it meant to draw attention? A sign that is intended to be informative, such as a real estate sign, will usually have detailed information, a captivating font, and symmetrical features. When we think about a sign that is meant to draw attention, such as a “50% SALE” banner, the goal will be a big font and remarkable color. Every sign is going to serve a unique purpose, so before getting it digitally printed, analyze how you can make the most of it.

–         Do: Laminate for Longevity

Laminating with a gloss or matte finish provides your sign with a beautiful coat that also allows for durability and longevity. Anyone can laminate a sign; however, if your sign isn’t meant to last for longer than six months, then you’d be wasting money laminating something that doesn’t require the extra protection.

Digital Printing Don’ts

–         Don’t: Overprint

Smaller orders are best suited for digital printing, especially with ten items or less. If you know that your order is going to consist of a large quantity, then you should consider offset printing.

Offset printing offers numerous printing benefits for larger orders, including consistent quality and rapid production. When considering digital printing, be sure to use it if your product consists of a minimal quantity.

–         Don’t: Breeze through the Process

There are multiple factors that need a productive assessment before sending your design to the printer. While straightforward, it is easy to forget about double-checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, so be sure to triple check your words before you print.

Take the time to consider your font, color, and background. If your words negatively clash with the background, then you should take a step back to consider what colors will make your sign the most effective it can be.

Printing formats are vital to the final product that you receive. Be sure not to print in .gif and .png as they are produce resolution prints. The ideal format for high-resolution prints is .tiff. Other options that are okay for digital printing are .eps and .jpg.

Consider Jack Rabbit Signs for Your Digital Printing Needs

Jack Rabbit Signs can provide customers with digital printing services that are professional and high-quality. From banners to vinyl graphics and digital graphics, we efficiently and effectively produce high-quality prints for our clients. For questions about our digital printing services, call us at 919-571-1185 or visit us at 6025 Glenwood Avenue in the Oak Park shopping center.