Five Types of Business Signs to Consider

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Lately in Raleigh, it feels like every time you turn around you see a new business opening. This is exciting to see, but it’s also a reality that the majority of businesses will fail. All this extra competition means you have to stand out and excel at every detail to survive. Having an eye-catching business sign may give you the edge and bring people off the street into your establishment. There are many types of signs to choose from, but five to consider for your new Triangle venture are:

Graphics on Glass

If you have a big window at a visible public area of your business, it could be a good idea to consider putting graphics there. Both painted graphics and vinyl graphics can work well on glass. Raleigh now has a city ordinance limiting the amount of surface area of the glass you can use to only 25 percent, but they are still an attractive option.

Vinyl Signs

This type of sign is very versatile. You can design an exciting logo and have a vinyl banner made quickly. They are a low cost option, too. You will need to have somewhere to hang the sign, however, so hardware packages are often necessary. One downside is these signs do not last quite as long, so will need to be replaced more often.

Acrylic Signs

An acrylic sign is usually clear or frosted, with an appearance that can be similar to a glass sign. Graphics on the acrylic surface give a modern look that projects professionalism. The material is not as fragile as glass and is relatively low-cost, so these are a popular sign for Raleigh businesses.

Painted Wood Signs

This is a classic look, but many are moving away from them. They need to be touched up often and wood doesn’t last as long as many other newer materials. They are also more expensive and time-intensive comparatively.

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum composite signs are a great alternative to the wood signs because they last a lot longer and are not as expensive. It is a modern, updated version of the old painted signs, but now the bright colors can be produced onto a longer lasting material.

A Unique Sign for Every Business

There is no one-size-fits-all option in business signs. What might be the perfect solution for one business wouldn’t work for another. There are different budgets, different visibility needs, and different stylistic considerations, depending on the industry and location. Consulting an area expert is the best way to make sure you get something that will work for your unique situation. Jack Rabbit Signs is an expert Raleigh area business sign provider. Call us today and we can discuss the right sign for you!