Do you need a graphic designer, or a sign company? Or both?

graphic design and sign making company both raleigh

Creating an eye-catching sign is more than choosing the right product, material or size. It’s also about choosing the right design. But do you need a graphic designer to design a sign before you take to be printed at a sign shop? Not necessarily. Most sign shops will have a graphic designer on staff.

Following these rules will give you an effective sign.

Keep It Simple It may be tempting to use extravagant fonts to liven up your sign, but don’t get carried away. It’s best stay with no more than two fonts as any more can serve as a distraction from your message. Keep the message simple, too. A lot words on your sign can make it look jumbled.

Make It Readable– Make your sign stand out by using bold contrasting colors. Some of the best visible color combinations black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, and white on blue. The “no more than two” rule for fonts can be used for colors as well.

The Right Shape- Once you’ve determined your message, font(s) and color(s), it’s important to determine the best shape for your sign so it gets the most attention. The most common shapes for signs are horizontal rectangle, a vertical rectangle or a perfect square. To make your sign more visually interesting you may consider a custom shape.

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