How Banner Printing Works – Step by Step Instructions

Banners are a common form of advertising that allow passersby to become aware of your brand’s events, sales, mission, and more. The goal of a banner is to catch the attention of people passing by your location or business and should communicate an effective message in as minimal time as possible. As a professional signage company, we can make you a custom banner that is aesthetically pleasing and effective in helping you attract more business and attention. When you come to Jack Rabbit Signs for a custom banner, you should consider the following:


For businesses, the size of your location is going to determine banner size. A tattoo parlor for instance, is going to require different banner dimensions than an industrial construction company with acres of land. Discussing the physical size of your business with us will allow us to create a banner that is custom-tailored to your environment and an appropriate size for it.

Having an event? How large will it be? If you are hosting an event, it is important to let us know the number of people you are anticipating, as a baby shower and a graduation ceremony for example are likely to need different banner dimensions. Whether a couple dozen people are attending your event or a couple hundred, letting us know the capacity of your event will allow us to design a banner that is the right size and price.


The characteristics of the location where you are going to be displaying your banner will determine whether your banner needs to be single or double sided. For example, if you’re going to put a banner near the road, a double-sided banner is going to be most effective as it can advertise to drivers coming from both directions. Meanwhile, a single sided banner would be more efficient when you are placing your banner on a wall or building.


The environment that the banner is going to be placed in impacts the design work that goes into creating the banner. If your event is outdoors for example, it will benefit your organization to have a banner with larger letters, an easily legible font, and colors that don’t clash with nature. If your event is indoors, there is more flexibility with the banner as you are enclosed within a space that doesn’t have a changing environment around it. Whether or not people are seeing your banner up close, versus far away will also impact certain design elements.


How often are you going to use your banner? If it is something that you would like to reuse, then we are able to slit wind smiles into your banner for longer durability. Wind smiles, or wind flaps are slits cut throughout the face of your banner that allow for wind to pass through easier, which in return takes stress off of the banner, especially in outdoor scenarios. Customers who have things like same semi-annual sales or routine sporting tournaments are examples of clients who can get multiple uses out of a single banner.

Let Jack Rabbit Signs Create Your Custom Banner Today

No matter the event, organization, or size, Jack Rabbit Signs can efficiently create a custom banner for you at an inexpensive price, with quality that will wow your viewers. When partnering with Jack Rabbit Signs, we include standard grommets in the price, which allows for easy hanging of the banners. Our turnaround time is also great – it takes us just between 24-72 hours to fully create your banner once we get directions on how to create it from you. Call us today at (919) 571-1185 or visit us at our storefront location off Glenwood Avenue near Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh.