How to Make a Splash at Expos with Customized Business Products

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Want to stand out from the crowd at your next business expo? Jack Rabbit Signs offers a number of highly customizable business products — from retractable banners to brochures and more — made to take your business’ expo presence to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to land more clients, attract new talent, or sell more inventory, business expos are the perfect chance to spread awareness about your services and offerings. But in a crowded convention center, it can be difficult to attract foot traffic if your display doesn’t stand out from the noise. By customizing your business products, you can make the splash needed to draw extra attention and generate more interest in your business.

At Jack Rabbit Signs, we offer a variety of customized business products, from banners to table throws to brochures. Get to know a little more about our options, and let us know when you’re ready to take your brand to the next level.

Retractable Banners

Thanks to their affordability and ease of transportation, our retractable banners are one of our most popular offerings. Since they’re simple to assemble and come with their own convenient carrying case, you don’t have to worry about hauling around heavy materials or wasting time on set-up and tear-down. Additionally, these sturdy signs can be positioned anywhere you please and were built to last both indoors and outdoors, allowing for maximum visibility and durability.

As far as sign design goes, our team is able to customize your banner with whatever logos, fonts, and colors you choose. With careful attention to crafting and detail, your retractable banner will not only look professional, but will also be a highly visible way of promoting your brand.

Table Throws

Want to take your expo presence to the next level? Make your entire display cohesive, eye-catching and centered on your brand with a professionally designed table throw, customized with your preferred colors, text, and logo.

In addition to adding another level of professionalism to your presence, table throws are also easily transportable and storable — so you can take them to as many expos as you need without weighing yourself down. Since they have a high reusability factor, table throws are also a cost-effective promotional option, making a sizable difference in the presentation of your business.


While making a good first impression is important, you don’t want people to forget about your business minutes after they walk away from your table. Creating your own custom brochure, filled with the exact content you want to promote, is one of the most effective ways to bring awareness to your full services and offerings and stick in people’s minds long after the expo has ended.

Make a Splash with Jack Rabbit Signs

Ready to make an impression that lasts? Prepare for your next business expo and design your own customized business products with the help of Jack Rabbit Signs. Give us a call today 919-571-1185, or visit us in Raleigh, NC at 6025 Glenwood Ave # B to learn more.