How to Make Your Sign Stand Out Compared to the Competition

The great thing about competition is it forces you to be better. The bad thing is, well, the competition is also getting better. In Raleigh, Durham, and the greater Triangle, businesses compete every day to gain the glances of potential customers strolling and driving by. Having a sign that grabs the attention of prospects takes a little knowledge — but we’ve got you covered. Read on.

Location, location, location

This cliche is true in housing, but it’s also important when thinking of the real estate you want your sign to inhabit. A sign is used when you want car traffic to see your message as they drive quickly by and also when you want foot traffic to notice in a walkable city center. Put yourself in their shoes. Drive by your location and think of what spot and what angle would create the best opportunity to be seen. Walk by and do the same. Now apply what you learned.

Size does matter

You can have the best design and the best location in your whole industry, but if the message is tiny, it will go unnoticed. Not just the sign needs to be large enough, but also the letters. Letters should, of course, be tall and wide enough, but also make sure to choose a font that is thick enough to have a good presence on the sign. Skinny letters don’t get seen.

Keep it simple

A cluttered sign with pictures, words, and who-knows-what-else filling every inch is hard to take in at a glance. Instead, utilize the negative space of the sign and have a short, simple message that gets to the heart of what needs to be said. Effective signs are arguably better at excluding than they are at including content.

Contrast is key

To really stand out, the colors must contrast with another. Must. A white sign with yellow lettering or a black sign with dark blue lettering will not get the job done. With a white background, go dark with the other elements, and with a black background, go light.

Professional design assistance

Maybe the biggest factor in getting a sign that out-performs your competition and that stands out effectively is to have it professionally made. The sign should be both designed and physically created by experts who have devoted their careers to this art. There is a lot that goes into a great finished product, and professional sign and graphics companies, like Jack Rabbit in Raleigh, spend the time necessary to get each detail right.

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