How to Tell What Kind of Frame & Post Your Signs Needs

Creating an effective sign is crucial for the success of your business’ branding and advertising strategies. There are numerous steps that go into developing an appealing sign, all of which involve an appropriate knowledge of sign materials and products. A necessary aspect of developing your sign is determining the proper frame or post that will accompany your sign. With a wide variety of frames and posts available at Jack Rabbit Signs, we’ll guide you through which ones pair best together depending on the signs.


A-Frames: A-Frame stands can benefit a large quantity of business types. Most people recognize an A-Frame stands because if their popularity among retail stores. If you’ve ever walked by a local restaurant or business and have seen a sign promoting deals, specials, etc. there’s a strong chance you saw an A-Frame stand. These frames come in both plastic and metal and are excellent mediums for drawing the attention of foot traffic. These frames can benefit almost any business, ranging from restaurants to real estate agents to local shops.

Banjo Frames: These frames are heavily targeted towards realtors due to their low maintenance and thin size. Banjo Frames are made to hold 18” x 24” and 24” x 18” signs. They fit right into the ground to make for an easy yard advertisement.

Slide in Frames: These frames are great for companies who plan on having frequent flyers, posters, and advertisements on display. You can use a wall frame or have one that is staked into the ground. These frames can be sold in many different sizes to accommodate for a wide array of business needs. Slide in frames also can be purchased with one or two riders, which are highly beneficial for realtors who are looking to advertise more information about themselves and their services.

Post and Panel Frames: These frames are excellent ways to advertise businesses, religious spaces, apartment complexes, schools, and more. The sizes that Jack Rabbit offers are 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 4’, and 2’ x 3’. Custom frames can be ordered in white vinyl or can be painted to your choosing. Customers can also choose between a variety of caps, including gothic, round, and flat.


Single Arm Real Estate Posts: Quite possibly one of the most recognizable real estate advertisement methods, single arm posts are two connected posts that form a t-shape to display a hanging real estate sign. They work perfectly for homeowners looking to sell or rent a property and can also function as a way to display your business’ name.

U-Channel Posts: These posts are made from galvanized steel, which ensure that your sign is durable and protected. Common signs that are used with U-Channel posts include traffic signs and parking signs. These posts are available in multiple dimensions, including 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’. If you are looking for extra resilience, U-Channel posts come in a green coat that ensure resistance to rust.

Rely on Jack Rabbit Signs for Frames & Posts

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