How to Utilize Color When Making Your Logo

There are businesses opening up every day in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary. Each one wants to create a logo that will set them apart from the crowd with its brilliance and eye-popping beauty. If you aren’t up on graphic design or on “color psychology” (yes, that’s a real area of study), you might feel in over your head. Having a few basic principles in mind though will help you create that unique, effective logo you were looking for.

Contrasts — This rule is very important, but it’s simple. If your background is dark (especially blue, black, red, or brown) use a light color that will make the image visible. You want it to “pop-out” at you, and if the colors are too close, they will blend and be hard to distinguish.

Pastels — If you want to portray a softer, more-approachable image, pastel colors in a logo are a good way to do that. Customers see the company as trustworthy and friendly, which is always good. They can be seen as too soft for companies trying to portray strength though.

Primary colors — Those wanting to portray strength would do better to stay with the traditional blues, reds, and other rich, simple colors.
When in doubt, go blue — Studies show that the most often chosen, and the least often objected to, color is blue. Maybe it’s because human beings have always loved to look up at the blue sky or across a blue body of water. Whatever the reason, if you’re stuck, it’s a safer bet to go with blue. Think of the presidential logos of Romney, Trump, Hillary, Obama, and others. They almost always lean heavily on blue to appeal to the broadest number of people.

Emotion — Do you know what emotion would inspire your customers most? Maybe it’s responsibility, or fear, or compassion, or excitement. Each of these emotions are best represented by a color. Check out Forbes Magazine’s break down of color psychology in logo design here.

Maybe avoid yellow — Some people LOVE yellow. But it is also the least appreciated color and turns many people off. Some brands that focus on outdoor fun, summertime, and similar themes are exceptions, but generally, it is not as appealing to the masses.

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