What kind of posts and frames to use for different signs

blank chalk board

There are as many types of posts and frames used to display signs as there are varieties of signs. Just like each sign has a purpose and circumstance it fits best, so do the types of posts and frames. Jack Rabbit Signs in Raleigh, NC, is an expert not only in creating a sign for each person who walks through the door, but also at matching the right post or frame to that sign.

Thankfully, the type of post or frame to use for the sign is often pretty self-explanatory. Let’s take a look at a few of the basic options of signage, as well as the post or frame that is likely the best fit.

Stake Frames

There are multiple types of stake frames (including wire-step, banjo, standard, heavy, and t-bar). While the designs are slightly different, the purpose of these is fairly similar. They are great for a portable sign that can be stuck in the ground anywhere at a moment’s notice. Political campaigns often use these for yard signs, but they are also useful in marketing campaigns to stick on the side of the road.

U-Channel Posts

Another very common type of sign post or frame is the u-channel. These are virtually universal as the sign post for regulatory road signs. They are made of galvanized metal and have a bent u-shape with holes every inch. If you need a strong post to permanently affix a road sign on a business property, this is a very good option.

Single-Arm Frame

You probably recognize the single-arm frame as the traditional real estate sign post. The construction of a single-arm frame consists of a post in the ground with an arm extending horizontally out of it from which the sign is hung by chains. While these are most commonly associated with real estate signs, they also make great business signs, especially for businesses run out of homes.

Ornamental Posts and Panels

For businesses and events that need to express a more high-class look, there are also ornamental options. There are a variety of materials, including high-end metals, available. They are very customizable with different styles, bases, and colors, and are the most permanent option of typical sign types.


The A-frame is made up of two sides connected at the top, creating an A-shape. They are often used in a city environment as sidewalk advertising. Sandwich shops in urban areas will have A-frames with chalkboards on both sides that can be changed to match the daily offerings. If you have a business in a high traffic area, this can help draw customers in off the street.

Jack Rabbit Signs Has a Wide Variety of Sign Posts and Frames

Each sign has a purpose, and each frame or post is key to helping achieve that purpose. You need someone who can provide every option that should be considered for your sign. Jack Rabbit Signs helps those in the Raleigh and Durham areas of North Carolina do this every day. Call or come by and we can make sure you have the right post or frame.