What a Low Quality Business Sign Says to Customers

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A lot of business today is driven by people looking at online reviews and search engine results. But, don’t overlook the importance of the timeless basics of doing business. People’s impressions are built in an instant, and the way you present yourself to the public can either draw in or repel those passing by.


Of all the ways the public first views you, the business sign you have hanging outside your door may say the most. What if it’s a low quality or worn-out sign though? By not having a professional, well-designed sign, this is what you are saying to customer:


Our business doesn’t have good attention to detail

Running a business takes a high degree of attention to detail. Obviously, many of those details have to do with the product or service you are offering, but the details don’t end there. If customers see a major detail like your business sign has escaped your attention, they may assume other elements of your business have as well.


We do not take pride in our business

Business owners know that waking up every morning to run an enterprise of their making is something to be very proud of. It’s a tough life in some ways, but that pride can keep things moving in hard times. Just like with your appearance though, if you begin to let things slip with how your business presents itself, people may assume you’ve lost that self-respect.


Our business is struggling so we can’t take time for the basics

Profit margins are thin in many industries, and the market is not always forgiving. If a business is having a hard time staying competitive and isn’t profitable, they may not have the money to pay for things like a coat of paint or a decent sign. Potential customers may see this as a negative reflection on the product or service you offer. If you aren’t making enough sales to keep up appearances, the customer may not think you deserve their money either.


Maybe we’re just trying to cut corners

Other times, business is doing fine, but the owner simply doesn’t want to spring for the little things. Customers may notice this “corner cutting” and wonder what else you’re saving money on. Materials? Competent employees? Cleanliness?


Jack Rabbit Signs provides high-quality business signs in the Triangle

If a low-quality sign expresses all the above, a high-quality one expresses the opposite. Your Raleigh Durham area customers will see you have a good attention to detail, that you take pride in your business, that you are successful and you are willing to invest to keep it that way. A good sign in front of the business is a good sign that you are someone worth doing business with. Give us a call at (919) 571-1185 and let’s get to work on your high-quality sign.