Opening a New Business? Signs Made Right the First Time

signage new raleigh design business

There are a multitude of details to consider when you open a business in the Raleigh Durham area. If you’ve found a perfect location, it’s very important to make sure you’re noticed in your new spot. For many, the sign is an afterthought, though. They get a nephew to put together a quick logo and then slap it on a sign. But after tepid sales and a few comments, they have to shell out money they should have just invested at the beginning.

Trust the Experts

As with most areas, you’ll more than likely waste your time and effort by trying to recreate the wheel. There are people out there who devote their lives to this particular craft and will get you a smart, clear business sign without a lot of hassle. Here’s what the experts know that you don’t.


Making a simple design that is adapted for your target audience and your business’ personality is not a small thing. All marketing will circle around this logo and these colors. You do not want to realize years later that the boring colors and irrelevant logo you threw together are failing to get the job done. Business sign experts will be able to design you a modern logo appropriate for your business or to adapt a sign to one you’ve had professionally done already.


Are you in a walkable area where the sign is meant to attract passersby? You will want a sign that will be clear and attractive to foot traffic. A smaller sign could be okay in this context but it’s better to err on the side of large, legible signs. One study showed that 64 percent of women 18-24 years old had failed to find a business they were looking for because of undersized, unreadable signs. Don’t be that business. Every sale is important so make sure your signs are working for you from the beginning.


Sign experts are also important because they know what questions to ask to avoid possible logistical issues. Is there a specific rule about business signs in your area? Might the weather be harsher on a certain type of sign based on your location? How big should the letters be based on how far away you are from the street? There are a number of things to take into consideration that make a real difference and will save you money and gain you customers. Don’t assume it will all be obvious then end up with a sign you hate and need to change later.

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