New Year, New Sign? How to Know It’s Time to Update Your Sign

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Here are 5 ways to know that it’s time to update your signage, from damage to legibility to inaccurate information.
Ready to make a change? Jack Rabbit Signs can help.


Seasons change, and so does your sign. Whether from wear and tear, outdated information, damage, illegibility, or any other number of reasons, your sign only lasts for so long. Since it’s often the first impression that potential customers or guests have of your business, it’s crucial to make sure it’s setting the right tone.

Here are a few hints that it may be time to update your sign — and how Jack Rabbit Signs can help you make the change.

Damage to Legibility

Debris buildup, weathering, age — there are a number of reasons why a letter on your sign might drop off here or there, or a smudge covers a word. Unfortunately, this can make your sign ever-so illegible, and if you’re not accurately displaying what you want to communicate, then you won’t be drawing in your desired traffic. Any issues with the legibility of your sign means it’s time to upgrade.

Inaccurate Information

Perhaps you’ve added a service to your offerings, updated your phone number, or changed your hours of operation. If you have a sign that reflects any outdated information, it’s time to make an update. Inaccuracies both big and small can lead to confusion, which could in turn cause you to miss out on business opportunities.

Brand Inconsistency

A new year means new changes and new beginnings, and if you’ve revamped your brand, then your sign should reflect that. Whether a new logo, a new color design, or even a new motto, you should be sure your branding is consistent across all platforms — but especially on your sign. After all, it can often be one of the most visible aspects of your business.

Too Small

Take some time to evaluate if you’ve outgrown your current sign — literally. Maybe you’ve expanded your business or moved into a larger space, or there’s more signage competition on your street than there used to be. Whatever the reason, a sign that’s too small means your business could go unnoticed to passersby.

General Wear and Tear

Your sign puts up with some rough conditions, especially if it’s located outdoors. Exposure to the sun, wind, rain, debris — it can all take your sign from an eye-catcher to an eyesore. Depending on the type of material your sign is made out of it, its durability varies. If you’d like to get set up with a sign that’s built to last, we can help.

Make a Change with Jack Rabbit Signs

At Jack Rabbit signs, we’ve been creating quality custom signage for over 25 years. From establishing your design to managing the printing to fine-tuning the installation, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that your sign is up to your standards.

Curious about the best material for your wants and needs? The optimal size for drawing in an audience? The best way to position your information? We’re here to answer all of your questions and ensure that the final product communicates exactly what you want, reliably and affordably.

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