7 of Our Favorite Business Card Design Trends — and How to Improve Your Own

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog September

Business cards are ideal for sharing contact information with other professionals or potential clients, but bland cards tend to get lost in the noise. If you want to stand out and stay on the mind of your customers, then customize your cards with one of these six design trends. Once you’re ready to execute your vision, give the team at … Read More

A Guide to Positioning Your Outdoor Sign for Maximum Engagement

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog August

The position of your sign has a major impact on how many potential customers or clients see it. Find out more about how positioning should play into your sign strategy, and learn what sign options are available at Jack Rabbit Signs. Location, location, location isn’t just important when it comes to real estate. When it comes to sign placement, location … Read More

Aluminum, PVC, Plastic, Oh My: Pros and Cons of Varying Sign Materials

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog July

Not all sign materials are created equal, varying in durability, affordability, and visibility. Before you purchase your next sign take some time to understand the differences between each material offered by the team at Jack Rabbit Signs. When choosing a sign, factors like design, size, and price are likely your top concerns — and the material it’s made out of … Read More

Real Estate Agent? How to Design a Sign that Attracts Homebuyers

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog June

For real estate agents, designing eye-catching “for sale” signs can be the key to attracting more interested buyers and building brand awareness. When it comes time to design your new real estate sign, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Even though many buyers use online databases to find homes for sale, many still opt for the tried-and-true, … Read More

How to Make a Splash at Expos with Customized Business Products

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog May

Want to stand out from the crowd at your next business expo? Jack Rabbit Signs offers a number of highly customizable business products — from retractable banners to brochures and more — made to take your business’ expo presence to the next level. Whether you’re looking to land more clients, attract new talent, or sell more inventory, business expos are … Read More

Business Stencils: What They Are and How Your Company Can Use Them

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog April

An affordable and long-lasting alternative to other signage options, business stencils allow you to customize your brand, promote awareness, and save money. Looking for a way to spice up the interior of your business, promote your brand, and save money? Business stencils are an affordable and easily customizable option for advertising your business. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can help … Read More

Hosting a marathon? 5 Ways to Make Your Marathon Sign Stand Out

a boquet of signs that read 'triathlon'

From the starting line to the finishing stretch, here are 5 tips for making your signage stand out, whether you’re hosting a marathon, a 5k, a triathlon, or a fun run.   Marathons, fun runs, 5Ks, triathlons— warmer weather signals the beginning of peak racing season, and tons of runners, walkers, and cyclists are dusting off the winter cobwebs and … Read More

7 Signs We’re Loving This Month

jack rabbit yellow sign by jack rabbit signs

It’s the season of love, and at Jack Rabbit Signs, we’ve caught the bug. Here are 7 signs we’re in love with this month — give us a call if you’d like to add yours to the list!   This month, love is on everyone’s mind — and at Jack Rabbit Signs, we’ve also caught the bug. Over the past … Read More

Taking Photos from Digital to Hanging on Your Wall

Digital art is increasingly accessible and can be used for a variety of online functions. Whether the art is something that you created or something that you found on social media, the ability to bring these pieces to life is right at your fingertips. Learn what it takes to transition that online photo from your computer or phone to your … Read More

New Year, New Sign? How to Know It’s Time to Update Your Sign

french fries sign

Here are 5 ways to know that it’s time to update your signage, from damage to legibility to inaccurate information. Ready to make a change? Jack Rabbit Signs can help.   Seasons change, and so does your sign. Whether from wear and tear, outdated information, damage, illegibility, or any other number of reasons, your sign only lasts for so long. … Read More