Political Signs All Over Raleigh!

political signs raleigh nc

Passing so many signs during your commute can be annoying. Certainly, a little sign can’t influence someone’s decision in the voting booth, right? But, the truth is, there’s a reason we see scores of yard signs every election.

They work.

Well, for the most part. If it’s for who a high-profile election, then political signs do little to sway the opinions of voters. But, in smaller races – like sheriff, district attorney or mayor – where voters may not know who the candidates are, campaign signs can play a key role. The reason? A psychological term called the “mere exposure effect,” which says people tend to prefer things simply because they’re more familiar with them.

Some candidates are tempted to differentiate themselves by adding messages and graphics to their yard signs. But that seems to be a mistake because it could make them unreadable from the street. The key here is the name, the colors, and the simplicity. Contrasting colors like red, blue, white, blue, or black and yellow are the most popular. When thinking about a sign, it’s best to think the average driver has maybe 3-5 seconds to read it.

So we know they work, but why are they so popular? Yard signs are cheap, as low as a couple of dollars each – or less with large orders. Even though they’re usually a small part of a campaign’s budget, signs can reap significant benefits at the polls. So most candidates splash a little cash on them late into the election season. The return on the investment could be the difference in winning or losing the election. So for the price, political signs are a small investment that requires minimal design but can reap significant rewards.

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