What Makes a Good Home Real Estate Sign?

Outdoor Sign mounted raleigh business

In the extremely competitive real estate field, any edge over your competition helps. Whether you’re an agent or just selling by owner, having the perfect real estate sign will separate you from the crowd. You have to catch the eye of people driving by, often faster than they should be, and inspire them to take notice. Here are some things that make for a great real estate sign:


For signs in general, simplicity has been shown to be more effective. You may have 20 things you want to say, but cramming them all on one small sign will lessen the overall impact. Instead, make a simple design that communicates only what is most important.


If your background is dark (blue, black, brown, etc.) don’t make the letters dark. If your background is light (yellow, white, gray, etc.) don’t make the letters light. This simple and important lesson is ignored far too often, leading to illegible signs.


The sign should prominently include both the name of the agent and also the name of the agency. Try to separate the two names with formatting so the words are both easily readable and not too close together.


Think some about who your target audience is. If you are trying to appeal to young professionals, include a sleeker design and maybe even a QR code so they can find you on their mobile devices. For the more established homebuyer, a traditional, classy look will be more likely to draw them.

Contact Information

At the very least, you should have a phone number to the salesperson or owner. Many signs now will have a web address, as well. If someone is interested, you want them to be able to contact you immediately before they change their mind or get distracted.


A picture of the real estate agent can do a lot to personalize the process. If there is a friendly face, they may be more likely to call the number given. Having the logo of the company on the sign is also a good touch and adds credibility and professionalism.

Rider Sign

Underneath the main sign, many will also put a “rider sign.” This is a smaller, rectangular sign that often hangs from chains. This can be saved and used on future signs that have a similar goal (“for rent,” “for sale,” “open house,” etc.).

Fresh and Clean

If you are re-using a sign and post, make sure to give them a fresh coat of paint. Also, if the sign has been stored somewhere or has been through a storm, it may need to be cleaned off. A beautiful sign will not give the same impression if it is muddy and its post has chipped paint.