Real Estate Signs make it Easier to Find Your Listing

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The Raleigh, NC area is growing fast. It is not only the fastest growing area in North Carolina but the 14th fastest in the country. This means housing is in high demand and there is a great opportunity for those selling homes to make some money. Having effective real estate signs is key to being a successful seller in this competitive environment.

Here are some ways Jack Rabbit signs can help give you an edge, so potential buyers can find you both online and onsite.

Directional Signs

There are a lot of neighborhoods in the Triangle area. If someone was looking at the home you’re selling online, they may be driving around in a neighborhood they don’t recognize. A directional sign can help point the way so they’ll be able to find you.

Jack Rabbit Signs can help you decide the best places to position your directional signs and design them to point people on the right path.

Real Estate Yard Signs

The traditional real estate sign is still a necessity for informing the buying public that your property is for sale. High quality posts and sign materials can make a big difference in how the home is viewed.

Make sure you go with an experienced sign maker like Jack Rabbit Signs who can design a top-notch product that will attract interested parties as they drive by.

QR Codes

While the traditional real estate signs are still important, it’s also important to integrate them into the digital age. A lot of buyers moving to the area are coming to work in the booming technology sector. These are a new generation of home buyer that appreciate connectivity and the convenience of web-integrated functions.

QR codes are a perfect way to attract this type of customer. The code is similar to the barcodes we’ve been scanning at grocery stores for decades. Now, however, people use their phones to scan codes on places like advertisements and signs and then are taken to a site for more information on that topic. Jack Rabbit Signs can put a QR code on your signs that will take them to a link with features of and details on your home.

Contact Information

While the QR codes do appeal to one demographic, many others will have no idea what they are. It’s also important to have the usual means of identification on the site, as well. We will make sure your sign has the agent or contact person’s:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Web listing
  • Company

Jack Rabbit Signs understands the business of signs and how they relate to multiple industries, including real estate. If you have a home you wish to sell in the Raleigh-Durham area, give us a call, and we can discuss your options.