Restaurant signage 101: the 5 signs your restaurant needs

A sandwich board that says "Nature and organic".

From promotional products to window graphics, here are the 5 types of signs that your Raleigh restaurant needs.

Good signage is crucial in not just advertising your restaurant, but also branding, operating, and keeping your customers informed. While every business probably has a sign out front, that’s just the beginning of effective signage use.

Here are six types of signs that every restaurant needs, from menu boards to promotional material.

1. Banners

With high visibility, high durability, and a lower price point, banners are an excellent advertising option. Since the install process for a banner is relatively easy, it gives you the freedom to place it anywhere you have permission to do so, whether that’s inside, outside, or both.

Since banners can be easily customized to the exact color, font, style, and size you want, they can be used for general promotion, menu information, event promotion and more.

2. Window graphics

Window graphics are an excellent way to make use of your space, especially if your restaurant is on the smaller side. From logos to hours to social media handles, window graphics can transform your windows into custom billboards.

At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can create window graphics and decals in any size, shape, and color.

3. Floor graphics

While floor graphics are primarily used for wayfinding — pointing to the bathrooms and keeping lines orderly — there’s plenty of potential for other uses, as well. If you have a large section of empty space, you can create a floor graphic with your custom logo or the name of your business. You can even place floor graphics outside of your business to entice customers to come inside.

Since installation and removal is simple but the graphics are durable, these are one of the most effective and creative signage options.

4. Outdoor signage

Aside from the name of your restaurant on the outside of your building, there are a few other options for outdoor signage that you should consider. First, a standard outdoor wall sign is made out of wood, aluminum, or plastic and can last for years. While they may not be as visible as other options, they increase your brand awareness and consistency.

Other outdoor sign options include hanging signs, staked signs, and even wall murals.

5. Promotional material

While you may not think of promotional material when you think of signs, they’re still a great way to build your brand. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can make magnets, mugs, pens, and more, all branded with your logo, colors, design, and more. That way, your customers can take home a piece of your restaurants and be reminded of what you have to offer.

Brand your restaurant with Jack Rabbit Signs

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