Signs for Weddings — In Right Now

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Every season is wedding season. There are those who insist that the warmer months are the right time to get hitched, but others wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit and tie in the blazing summer heat. Even April and May in North Carolina can surprise you with some pretty brutal temperatures. Because of all that, fall is when most try to schedule their big day, but then all the wedding halls are booked up early.

Thankfully, here in the South, late fall and into winter can still be great wedding season since we don’t get the extremes of a Minnesota or Maine. A crisp 50 degree North Carolina winter day can actually be a perfect wedding day. The decorations need to be tweaked a little to fit the season though, and that’s what we’re here to help you do.

With all that in mind, here are some things to consider for being creative with your signs to accent your winter wedding. Some of these work in any season.

  1. Use seasonal colors – While it may be tempting to keep it simple and traditional, adding some seasonal colors to your signage can make all the difference. Whites, blues and browns are all great for fitting in with the season. If it’s close to Christmas, you may even consider red and green!
  2. Chalkboard signs – There is a something classic about the hand-written cursive of a chalkboard sign, especially for writing an inspirational quote.
  3. Prop up the sign with an easel – When you need to place signs in random spots that may not have a way to hang from a wall, an easel can be the perfect way to position a sign at eye level.
  4. Hang sign by ribbons – If you do have a wall to work with and the proprietor is not worried about an extra nail hole, using decorative ribbon to hang the sign is a great touch. Often you can put a nail in a tree for this purpose.
  5. Use signposts – Have you ever seen those tall posts with many thin signs pointing in different directions on it? Those old signposts can be repurposed to communicate a message where each shingle has a different word on it.
  6. Seasonal decorations – Put winter accents on your signs, like snowflakes, white and blue ribbons and streamers and countless other possibilities.
  7. Use banners – In the winter, much of your signage will be indoors since the reception party will likely be. For that reason, banners can be a good type of indoor sign that can be hung from the ceiling.

Many more options exist for creating some personalized signs for your wedding and adding a little winter flare. Come by Jack Rabbit Signs in Raleigh, North Carolina and let us help you design just the right signage for your big event.