The Difference Between a Brand and a Comprehensive Brand Experience

A “brand” is so much more than just a subtle logo on a business card or business sign — although it is that as well. A comprehensive brand for a business or organization is about creating an impression that sticks with someone. As the Triangle area sees more businesses launch every day, making these impressions becomes more critical for those wishing to stand out from the crowd.

First things first: who do you want to reach?

The first step in creating an effective brand is to know who you’re speaking to. This is your “target demographic.” The way to create a particular feeling within someone will significantly depend on who that person is! If you’re selling video games, for example, your market is mostly young and male, and it will be essential to know this before moving forward in creating your brand.

What action do you want them to take?

For most brands, this is an easy question; you want them to buy your product or service! For others though, it may be something else. Political campaigns aim to motivate people to vote or contribute funds. Charity organizations want to encourage people to get involved by volunteering, attending fundraisers or otherwise supporting their cause. Colleges want to motivate prospective students to become actual students.

What feeling is most likely to make your target demographic take the desired action?

Now you have your basic problem. What is the best way of motivating person X to do thing Y? How do we get young males to buy the new video game? How do you get suburban parents to subscribe to your gardening magazine? How do you get millennial, urban females to join your yoga studio?

This takes a little thought. Maybe for the young males, a feeling of excitement and danger would motivate them to buy the game. For the suburban parents, perhaps a sense of awe and appreciation for natural beauty would do the trick in convincing them to subscribe to the magazine. For a millennial female, maybe a sense of calm togetherness would make her want to join the yoga studio. There isn’t always a clear, immediate answer to this question, but it is worth thinking over for a bit. Knowing what feeling you want to produce in the person is what some experts call a “brand experience.” They are experiencing your brand, and it is making them feel a certain way. The way you want them to feel is motivated to take the desired action.

Creating the brand experience

This is where Raleigh business owners may want to reach out to a company like Jack Rabbit Signs. Knowing what your goal is, is only half the mission. The other half is having a team of people to carry out that mission. Jack Rabbit knows how to help you create a brand experience that catches the eye of the demographic most likely to buy your product or service and then motivates them to do just that.

This will involve creating a logo and other graphics that fit into this mission but also all your materials and anything else potential customers will see and interact with. Everything you put out should aim to create this same feeling. That is the difference between a brand and a comprehensive brand experience. Call Jack Rabbit Signs today at 919-571-1185 to get started.