The Signs of a Well-Run Business

in case of fire sign

Great signage can add to the customer experience, protect safety, and enhance productivity and sales for any business–but especially a local business that provides goods and services to the community. Take a look at a few ways Raleigh-Durham businesses can use signs in their stores, offices, and properties to get more (positive) attention, and thereby earn more high-quality business.

Informational Signs

Informational signs within your building cannot be overlooked. They help visitors identify where the Accounting Department is, which aisle they can find the cereal in, or at what time the store closes. Businesses can depend on clear, easy-to-read, informational signs to help visitors navigate their stores, answer frequently asked questions, and improve efficiencies within the store. A business will need signs specific to their industry to communicate to their particular customers and employees. Jack Rabbit Signs can help you figure out what this may look like for your business.

Restroom Signs

The American with Disabilities Act, as well as local building code regulations, generally requires properly displayed restroom signs in businesses. A Raleigh sign expert like Jack Rabbit Signs can provide the size and style of the restroom signs you need for your business.

Exit and Safety Signs

“E-X-I-T.” Those four letters lit up in red are a common sight here in North Carolina and across the United States. Details can vary by location, but fire marshals usually require these and other safety signs be present in places of “public accommodation.” Not having such signs visible can lead to fines or liability after an accident, so make sure you have them installed in the proper places of your establishment.

No Smoking Signs

Bars and restaurants in North Carolina have been smoke-free since 2010 and are required to display no smoking signs in all “enclosed areas.” While most people have since adjusted to this law, it is still necessary to post them. Also, every once in a while a tourist or out-of-towner may need a simple reminder.  

Promotional Signs

Not all messages you want to convey to customers are logistical. Of course, you want them to easily find the bathroom and the exit, but you also want them to buy a product or service from you. When you have a captive audience inside your store, it is the perfect time to tell them about the latest sale or the greatest deal. Designing these signs and presenting them effectively often means partnering with sign experts like Jack Rabbit.

Jack Rabbit Signs has professionally-made signs for Triangle area businesses

Competing with other Raleigh-Durham companies for customers means you have to look for every advantage. Having well-made professional signs shows you pay attention to details rather than just cutting corners.

Whatever you have in mind, Jack Rabbit Signs is here to help. Our experts can craft the perfect company sign, make an eye-popping promotional sign, or help make sure your required signs are up to code. Give us a call at (919) 571-1185 or drop in at our store near Crabtree Valley Mall off of Glenwood Ave.