The Three Most Important Things to Include on Your Sign

Jack Rabbit Signs Blog November

Need a little help creating your new sign? Here are the most important things to include in order to make your sign a success.

A good sign should say everything it needs to about your business — who you are, what you do, and how your customers can easily get in touch with you. In doing so, of course, you have to figure out what format works best, where your sign should be positioned, and how much information you should include without overloading the sign.

Here’s a quick guide on the three most important things to include on your sign and how to strike a balance that fits your business.

Who you are

It may seem obvious, but some businesses get carried away with sign design and forget to make it clear who they even are. In the midst of the graphics and slogans, be sure to make the name of what you’re advertising clear and easy to read, whether it’s the name of your business, an event, or something else.

In designing your sign, you should choose the font, size, and color scheme carefully. In addition to making sure it aligns with your brand, it should also be easy to read, especially from a distance. While the name of your business doesn’t necessarily have to be the largest thing on your sign, choosing colors that contrast against each other can help set your name apart.

What you do

Providing the name of your business is important, of course, but it only does so much if the people who see your sign don’t know what kind of service you’re offering. Don’t provide a long summary of your services, but try to condense what you do into a few words or a phrase. A quippy slogan or a quick bullet point list can work surprisingly well at summing up what you do without overloading those reading your sign.

Remember, people who see your sign, depending on the location, will likely be driving by or passing quickly, so keep that in mind when thinking about your copy — keep it short, readable, and informative.

How you can be reached

Once you’ve made your name and services clear, you’ll need to finish it off by letting potential customers or clients know how to get in touch with you. In addition to including a phone number and/or email, you might also consider adding your social media information, including handles for your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Make sure the contact info that you do choose is reliable and printed correctly — if there’s any information that you should triple-check, it’s this part of your sign.

Ready to Create Your Custom Sign?

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