Top 4 Trends in Shop Signage

With the internet and online commerce, purchasing things is as easy as tapping a button. As a result, it is becoming more challenging to attract customers to physical store locations. As a brick-and-mortar store, one way business owners can make sure they are seen and recognized by the right people is by ensuring their signage is visually stimulating and enticing.

The following is a list of a key trends that Jack Rabbit Signs has noticed in shop signage this year. By incorporating a few, your sign is sure to be both customer-appealing and Instagram-worthy.


Apple made it popular, but others have been catching on. Simplicity in design has also translated to signage. The sheer number of visuals we take in on a daily basis can become overwhelming quickly. Sometimes, simplicity can be the greatest antidote. This trend can be found in retail environments ranging from logos and graphics to the interior layouts of stores. Signage is a component of all of that. The concept is to use the space on your sign strategically instead of cramming as much visual content into a space as possible.


Simplified logo designs and advancements in printing technologies have created opportunities for adding textures into signage. Certain flatbed printers can create prints with up to 2 inches of material, which opens up possibilities for textured materials such as plastic, wood and metals. Textures can include readability elements such as braille, helping to make signs ADA-compliant and valuable assets for the visually-impaired. Three-dimensional signs can also be customized by applying graphics to the printed objects. Textures give signs an unexpected element that can be extremely appealing.

Digital Signage

Digital signs are great ways to employ minimal space to promote many things, since they can be updated to showcase new content on an ongoing or rotating basis. They also can be used to show branding, advertisements and other messages that help drive brand awareness without the added cost of airtime.

Some retailers have even begun selling ad space on their digital signs, generating revenue by helping to promote suppliers and complementary products and services.

Vinyl Wraps

Building wraps, wall wraps, elevator wraps, vehicle wraps, bus stop wraps – these multi-use signs are becoming more focused as they move to larger environments. Installation can be tricky, but the finished product is eye-catching and still unique, especially when integrated in a way that helps shoppers recall the experience after-the-fact.

This signage tactic has been used by shops as they undergo construction, as a way to add branding to what would otherwise be an eyesore, as well as keeping the construction (literally) under wraps.

At the end of the day, your sign should communicate what you want customers to know about your business and your brand. At Jack Rabbit Signs, we can create a custom sign for you or your business that incorporates many of these trends and more. Call us today at (919) 571-1185 for more information.