Cost Effective Way to Advertise? Vehicle Graphics!

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Vehicle graphics are a great marketing tool for promoting a brand, thus creating a mobile billboard. Advertising your business on a vehicle or fleet of vehicles can be quite cost effective. A lettered vehicle that travels busy city roads can be seen by tens of thousands of people a day, thereby reaching more people at lower cost than billboards, radio, or direct mail. It’s important to get the messaging right for your vehicle to be effective. Here are three things to keep in mind when wrapping your vehicle:

Stick with the brand – The brand should always be the primary message for vehicle graphics. This is especially critical for small businesses trying to make an impact in their community. The message should always be about the brand. The brand should be the most eye-catching and memorable part of your vehicle.

Avoid photos – A photo is not a brand identity; it doesn’t connect people with your business name. It might give people an idea your company’s purpose, but a good brand identity would do that anyway. Generally people only have a little over two seconds to view your message. You need to make it count.

Keep text simple – As mentioned earlier, a lettered vehicle is a mobile billboard. Billboards have the exact same challenges as vehicle advertising in regards to text. If you prioritize your text, it will be more effective. In general, you should include brand, tagline, website address and/or phone number. Less is more.

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