Vehicle wraps are a great option for these types of businesses

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Whether you operate a trade service, a restaurant, or anything in between, a vehicle wrap can help spread the word about your brand with little to no effort on your part. Learn how Jack Rabbit Signs can help you create the perfect vehicle wrap for your business.

Vehicle wraps play a significant role in spreading your brand’s reputation. They’re customizable, can include your logo, colors, graphics, and slogan, and—since they’re on your vehicles—can be seen wherever you go, giving your business a considerable reach.

How do you know if a vehicle wrap is a good branding option for your business? Since car wraps are relatively cost-effective for their reach and can be added to just one or dozens of vehicles, they’re an effective option for many businesses.

Get to know a little more about how vehicle wraps can help different types of businesses, and give Raleigh’s Jack Rabbit Signs a call today to learn more.

Trade services

Since professionals like plumbers, electricians, contractors, and cleaning services all use company vehicles to travel to clients’ homes, vehicle wraps are a key marketing tactic. When people see your company’s vehicle parked in their neighborhood, they may likely ask their neighbor about their experience. As long as the job was performed well, vehicle wraps can lead to glowing endorsements with little extra work on your part.

Restaurants and breweries

For restaurants and breweries that find themselves making a delivery or running out for supplies, putting a vehicle wrap on a company can enhance your brand image and reach. This can be especially helpful if your business is making home deliveries or catering events, drawing attention to your offerings at no extra cost.

Delivery services

Is your business often traveling around the Raleigh area? For delivery-type services like florists, moving companies, furniture stores, or shipping companies, a vehicle wrap can help your brand get seen everywhere you go—and show customers you’re delivering to that you have a professional edge.

Real estate agents

Real estate signs can certainly help draw attention to your brokerage (we can help you create those, too!), but a vehicle wrap can help your advertising go the extra mile. Not only can you apply a wrap to your own care—complete with your office’s phone number and address—but you might also consider wrapping a few extra vehicles that clients can use when moving into a new home.

Wrap your vehicle with Jack Rabbit Signs

If you’re ready to increase your brand’s reach and recognition with a custom vehicle wrap, the Jack Rabbit Signs team can help. Give us a call today at 919-571-1185 if you have any questions or are ready to get started!