Where Warning Signs Are Most Needed

In a place as busy as the Raleigh Durham area, the constant movement and interaction of people create many, many opportunities for hazardous situations. Some of this is governed by traffic laws, some by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some by the Americans National Standards Institute (ANSI) and others by simple common sense.

To learn about your legal responsibilities, you should learn about your local regulations and also visit OSHA and ANSI’s websites. But for some basic advice on where warning signs are most needed, read on.

Traffic signs

Many of the required warning signs have to do with vehicle and pedestrian traffic — especially where the two intersect. Examples of places that need traffic warning signs include:

  • School zones
  • Icy surfaces
  • Crosswalks
  • Flood zones
  • Animal crossings
  • Road work
  • Yielding and merging zones

Most of these are taken care of by government transportation departments, but on private property, like at malls, shopping centers, movie theaters and other places open to the public, it is important for the owners to protect themselves from liability and others from injury by having the necessary signs.

Other warning signs

Traffic is not the only potential hazard in day-to-day life here in the Triangle though. You’ll need to put “danger,” “warning,” “caution” and “notice signs in other high-risk places. OSHA and ANSI have different definitions of when these should be used, but they mostly overlap.

For the most part, “danger” signs are reserved for the most immediately hazardous situations, “caution” signs are used to prevent issues from arising and “warning” signs cover the area between the two. More details on that here.

Signs for non-traffic-related situations include:

  • Unsafe or slippery floors
  • Construction zone
  • Beware of dog
  • Stay away from the ledge
  • Rides that could startle those with heart conditions
  • Informing the public of important policies like no speaking on phones in the theater

Jack Rabbit Signs makes warning signs for Triangle customers

Business and property owners who have a lot of traffic from the public would be wise to know which signs they are required to have on their sites. Raleigh and Durham are busy areas and a lot can go wrong when proper precautions aren’t taken. If you do not know what is required on your property, you can schedule a consultation with us to determine what signs you’ll need.

We can then get to work making the signs for you to protect you and your visitors. Give Jack Rabbit Signs a call at (919) 571-1185 or visit us off of Glenwood Avenue near Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh.